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Our United States stock market tracking app includes:

Live prices and price-earnings (PE) ratios for 18 stocks we’ve chosen. These key 18 stocks drive the US economy, we believe. These include household names like Walmart and Apple. Together, these stocks constitute a third of the S&P 500’s total market value. We may include more stocks in the future so feel free to email us suggestions for what you’d like to see.

Track 3 custom indexes. Financial stocks (banks, investment banks), technology (Facebook, Amazon, Google) and real economy stocks (real stuff like gas from Exxon Mobil or stuff from Walmart). Find out how these groups of stocks are doing.

The PE ratio (price divided by earnings) can guide your investments. A low or medium PE ratio (green or yellow) may suggest a good value. Many professional investors, including value investors like billionaire Warren Buffet, use this ratio too!

Refresh up to 10 times a day!

Click here to download the App now from the Google Play Store.

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Media: Check out our recent post on the Small Investor blog to see some simple investments methods that use PE ratios. You can these methods to buy your first stock if you want to get into investing. Even if you are already a seasoned investor, it’s worth reading as a refresher.

Testimonial:  “This app is so easy to use. It cuts out a lot of the noise that I hear from the usual financial press. The color coded dashboard makes it easy to know which stocks to buy and sell.”

—Linda M. Johnson, 24, Grand Rapids, Michigan

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